June 9, 2013


Our purpose

The EastWeb Fund is a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation.

We work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, asylum seeker and refugee communities living in Victoria. Our role is to boost their capacity to drive quick, positive change for long-term impact.

We invest in community-building projects devised and run by people in these communities that strengthen their cultural heritage or bridge the gap these communities experience in health, employment and education. In doing so, we work together to counter disadvantage and promote stronger communities.

Our values 

These three values guide our ethos and behaviour in our work with our communities, stakeholders, grantees and general public.

  1. Accountability – we set high standards for ourselves and our work, and foster innovation to broaden impact
  2. Sincerity – we are open to all and strive to limit assumptions, be genuine and act with honesty
  3. Collaboration – we welcome all conversations and work with others to find solutions, we actively develop relationships with the communities we support and seek productive partnerships with organisations that can help us reach our goals.

How we work

We fill a space in the philanthropic landscape as a proud grassroots fund by being responsive and accessible to small organisations that serve our communities. We give small, targeted grants on a quarterly basis, and work closely with grantees to also provide non-financial support to achieve the greatest impact. EastWeb is entirely volunteer-based and provides pathways for young people to build professional skills. The Board reflects EastWeb’s principles by actively recruiting young people and members from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, asylum seeker and refugee communities. Our aim is to reduce the divide between philanthropic and community sectors.

We pursue this by ensuring our grants are genuinely community-driven and by developing ongoing relationships with the communities we support.

Board of Management
  • Rose Mugabe
  • May Giuliani
  • Hannah McVean
  • Praveen Kasakara
  • Hannah Foster
  • Alexandra McKinlay

EastWeb Supporters

EastWeb would like to thank the generous suport of the following individuals and organisations.