Brimbank Digital Filmmakers

The air was thick with tension at Open Channel’s collaborative film-making project involving newly arrived City of Brimbank residents – but that was all part of the plan!

A small grant by EastWeb enabled 9 clients of the Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre to create a Halloween themed short film called The Writing Class over a two-day workshop, which screened at the Sunshine Film Festival in October 2014.

EastWeb congratulates the participants for being shortlisted for the big prize at Sunshine Film Festival!

The project was successful in its goals to foster social inclusion and build new networks amongst the multicultural and refugee community in Brimbank, which is one of the most culturally diverse municipalities in Australia. The participants developed general skills in problem solving, collaboration and communication, and craft specific skills in filmmaking and storytelling.

You can check out the film here – if you dare!Brimbank Digital Film-makers

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