Golden Square Kindergarten


EastWeb’s grant to create a centrepiece mural in the Indigenous garden at Bendigo’s Golden Square Kindergarten in September 2014 has enabled the education of children, staff and families about Indigenous art and history, and opened up pathways for learning about Indigenous culture beyond the local community

Painted by two local indigenous artists, the mural tells a story about travel, animals and families going on a journey. It is used in the Kindergarten’s Indigenous education program based on learning about Aboriginal symbols in artwork, storytelling and dreamtime.

Golden Square Kindergarten intended the mural project to increase cultural awareness and create a more welcoming community for indigenous Australians.

The garden has attracted visitors from far and wide, and was nominated for a Wurreker Award (an award which recognises outstanding results in the area of knowledge and expertise about indigenous culture).

The Kindergarten has also been contacted by other early childhood organisations within Bendigo and surrounding areas to get ideas on how to use murals as an educational tool.

Golden Square Kindergarten continues to deliver a high level of Indigenous engagement and education in the area of Bendigo and is recognised as a community leader in early childhood education.