June 9, 2013


EastWeb Fund’s COVID-19 response:

EastWeb Fund will continue to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, working to support Indigenous, Asylum Seeker and Refugee communities in Australia through strategic grantmaking.

Given the additional economic and social challenges faced by the communities we work with during the current crisis, we’re open to adapting our grant application and reporting requirements to make it easier for community organisations to survive and, ultimately, thrive. If your organisation needs assistance to counter disadvantage, and promote community capacity and self-determination, we invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your needs as soon as possible, via email: eastwebadmin@gmail.com

Community organisations seeking funding during the COVID-19 pandemic are also encouraged to register their needs on Australian Communities Foundation’s COVID-19 National Funding Platform.

May 2020

Applying for Grants

EastWeb gives small grants to projects within Victoria working with Indigenous, Asylum Seeker or Refugee communities in the areas of:

health care;
education; and
cultural heritage promotion and maintenance.

Grant size

EastWeb gives grants of up to $2,500 and $5,000.

2020 Grant Rounds  Deadline for applications  Grants available
 Round 1  24 February 2020  2 up to $2,500
 Round 2 25 May 2020  1 up to $5,000
 Round 3 31 August 2020  2 up to $2,500
 Round 4  30 November 2020  1 up to $5,000


We fund projects that build the capacity of communities to create long term strategies for change. We look to fund whole start-up projects – EastWeb is unlikely to fund parts of larger projects or projects that have been run previously. EastWeb can also help source in-kind support for your project, including volunteers to support your project, assistance with grant-writing or businesses willing to donate their products or services.

Applications will be assessed against one another as a competitive process, in light of EastWeb’s limited financial capacity to grant, and the board will select up to (but no more than) two successful applications per granting round. Promising applications which are not selected as successful in any given granting round will be encouraged to resubmit in the next round.

If you want assistance making an application, please contact us and we can complete the application form with you.

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